nekozhangyixing whispered: -peaks out at you, hiding behind his pink tail-

*looks over at you* Hello there. And you are?




I really wish I had the courage to talk to Tora-theartist. I follow him, and when I see him interact with his friends on the dash, it always makes me smile. He seems like a really nice guy who is funny and a bit crazy, and we all have our moods. I wish I could talk to him. But I’m scared.

Ohmygod what are you scared of??? He’s super sweet, go talk to him!

I can confirm that he’s totes amzing and kind and I’d absolytely recommend showing him some lov. = u=

Do iiiiittttt. He’s completely amazing. You won’t regret it

He talks to anyone. I’m sure he’ll welcome you too.

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Dear God all I said was that I don’t like roleplaying with Koreans it’s my fucking opinion no need to tell me I have an attitude, it’s my preference that’s all

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Whoever made the confession I responded to made another one bitching about me.

Sorry someone actually called you out. Get the fuck over it.

It still annoys me how many Koreans I see liking and reblogging posts from this blog. It makes it hard to find people to roleplay with IN the JRP community when most of the notes come from Koreans. Sorry I don’t wanna roleplay with you.

With that attitude I’m surprised anyone wants to roleplay with you. God forbid a Korean person identifies with a post or responds with helpful information. Fuck off with your bullshit

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Sociopathic, intellectual, drunk.

Talented, Pervert, Furry,

Bisexual, Antisocial, Sugoi

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You have now arrived at your destination. Welcome to Seoul.

there’s just chaos and violence. and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere and rips you to shreds.

"Well hello pretty ladies…"

"We’re trying to make friends Dean, not have them sprint in the opposite direction."

- - - - -

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Custom Lavender and Black collar made with the "Build your own Collar" Listing <3

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kiseop-theartist whispered: let me touch your celestial flesh pistol

My what?