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SHOXX Jan 2007 Vol.167 Kai


Kai-san wants hugs!

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kiseop-theartist whispered: So far, what has been your favourite moment with me

It would have to be bringing you to meet my mother, and welcoming you to my family as someone I love and care for deeply.

kiseop-theartist whispered: What's the cutest thing I've done?

The cutest thing? Is this even answerable? You’re always cute. Even when you’re trying to be manly and such.

Though in particular, you’re cutest when I see you after being away for a few days. You get all clingy and cute and demand attention, which you know I’m more than happy to give you.

kiseop-theartist whispered: *Pokes your ass and runs away*

You are so damn cute

kiseop-theartist whispered: What's your faveu thing about my butt

It’s really nice to slap and bite